August 2-3     |     GRAND HYATT SEATTLE     |     SEATTLE, WA

About Interventional Complications

Interventional Complications 2024, sponsored by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation® and now in its third year, examines not only procedural and medical management, but also the emotional and psychological issues around complication management resulting from cath lab procedures.

Participants will learn algorithms and strategies to manage a diverse range of complications, including acute closure, coronary perforation, hemodynamic collapse, atherectomy complications, coronary device entrapment, and issues arising from common structural heart procedures. Participants will also gain insights through demonstration and discussion of vascular access issues across a range of access sites (e.g. radial, femoral, transcaval, axillary).

Expert faculty will describe options to manage the most challenging complications and build systems that allow operators to proceed with less fear over unintended, challenging events. Through discussion, attendees will feel more comfortable managing complications encountered when treating higher-risk patients with complex coronary or structural anatomy. Participants will additionally move through simulations of CTO scenarios, atherectomy, snaring, deployment of coronary and peripheral covered stents, use of coils, and ancillary imaging.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Execute treatment strategies for common and rarer interventional complications.
  • Understand issues relating to clinical indications for complex procedures, including patient-centered care and risk mitigation.
  • Embrace the importance of building support networks to manage challenging technical and clinical aspects of patient care.

Who Should Attend Interventional Complications 2024?

Practitioners seeking to improve ability to manage complications and proceed with fewer fears about unforeseen and challenging events in cath lab procedures. For example:

  • Practicing interventional cardiologists.
  • Clinical cardiologists.
  • Fellows in interventional cardiovascular medicine.
  • Catheterization lab nurses and technologists involved in patient management.

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