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Policies for Social Media and Recording

CRF® promotes the free exchange and rapid dissemination of research and educational content from all CRF® meetings. The slides from CRF® courses and symposia are immediately posted on TCTMD® to facilitate scientific discourse and enhance patient care.

Please adhere to our policies below for social media and recording at Interventional Complications 2024.

Social Media Policy

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Communicating through social media is welcomed and strongly encouraged, provided that embargo rules are honored. Photographs, screenshots, images of slides from sessions, and brief audio/video clips can be shared via social media. However, posting or livestreaming entire sessions or live cases (the latter to respect patient privacy) and use of any CRF® course content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Recording Policy

(Audio, Video, and Still Photography)

Photography (non-flash only) and brief audio, video, or screen recording using hand-held equipment for strictly personal, educational, and/or social use (in accordance with CRF®’s Social Media Policy) are permitted at all CRF® meetings as determined solely by CRF®. Substantial portions of posters, slides, and presentations may not be copied or reproduced in any form for sale or commercial use. CRF® reserves the right to limit recordings on-site.

Industry representatives may film, record, or photograph activities in their own meeting rooms or exhibit areas for promotional purposes only and upon prior written consent from CRF®.

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